As my Christian marriage counseling practice grew, I recognized a gap that the couple needed to be filled to provide active collaboration, education, goal setting, structure and accountability.  As a coach, I provide the program of the Scripted Journey that includes a marital contract and a weekend spiritual intensive.  The program was developed as a directive tool for couples through coaching that includes my counseling experience and expertise.

 The Scripted Journey provides 2 parts


Part 1 includes the marital contract.  This is a 16-week contract that provides structure and accountability.  The collaboration between the couple and the coach set terms of the agreement to follow for the duration of the contract.  These terms assist in stabilizing the marriage so that the couple can explore the destructive patterns of interaction and reestablish health.  The contract inserts consistent protocols that assist the couple to explore the destructive patterns and the root offenses in a safe environment.  Education is provided from the coach during the weeks for encouragement, enlightenment, and instruction to continue forward marital progression.  



Part 2 includes the marital intensive.  This is a 3-4 day weekend that further assists the couple with education and spiritual enlightenment.  Specifically, I provide coaching for couples; I also coach families, as well as individuals. Generally, I work with adults; however, the contract may require the participation of children, as well as the adults in order to determine if a referral to counseling practices may deem necessary. Within the coaching contract, I offer couples and families group workshops.



I work from a present and future perspective, by providing provocative exercises for the couple to privately explore how their current marital patterns can be acknowledged and adapted for healthier marital interaction.  Goals for coaching are always a resolution of the problems that are deemed the most important through the collaborative process.  In the coaching role, there is no counselor provision such as diagnosis or dwelling on past issues.  Rather, the coaching program structures the marriage to bring stability as the changes are made to move forward. Techniques that I often employ are instruction and modeling of communications skills and interactive assignments. Between-session interactive exercises are a vital part of the therapeutic process. The completion of these exercises is necessary if the client is to receive the most benefit from the experience. Prayer and other spiritual concepts may be included in sessions unless the client request otherwise.



You, the client, are expected to be honest and forthcoming, while actively participating in setting goals and working toward healthy relationships and overall well-being. You, the client, are a partner in counseling/coaching. Your honesty and effort are essential to success. Clients must make their own decisions regarding such things as deciding to marry, separate, divorce, reconcile, and not to set up custody and visitation. That is, I will help you think through the possibilities and consequences of decisions.



Telemental health services are provided for distance clients.  Online coaching can be provided through internet opportunities as well as phone consultations.



Online Coaching



Although technology has its limitations, online coaching/counseling has increasingly become very popular. 


Online services are provided for couples who need accommodations for convenience or in the cases of long distance.  Online services provide the same competency as in-person coaching.


Intimacy between the couple is within the context of what is being communicated so any form of good communication can create intimacy.  Often times the couple feels safer in their own environments rather than in the office of a coach/counselor.  The couples are encouraged to personally reflect before and after the online/phone sessions to get the most benefit from the sessions.


Online, private coaching services provides a plan of action to walk the couples through narrow, manageable goals that allow the couple to do the work within the coupleship.  As a marriage counselor, I found that couples needed to be directed or coached more than they need to be counseled.  The individuals who are inside of the relationship desire to know and understand each other in order to become one flesh.  However, because they don’t know where to start and are afraid of the pain it will cause and fear getting stuck in the pain cycle, direction from the coach provides elements of safety that they otherwise will not obtain.  The program is designed to commit the couple inside of a contract so that they feel safe enough to explore toxic interactions and formulate new skills in order to move forward.  Because this program is coaching rather than counseling, it is limited in dealing with more serious, deeper issues that may need therapy.  Rather, the program is designed for highly functioning couples in need of encouragement, direction and support to learn how to become and stay healthy.



Suzette B. Bonadona Humphreys

M.Ed., LPC, NCC Marriage Counselor

Author/Founder of The Scripted Journey

Founder and CEO of Couples Care Center & Counseling Services

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