God's focus in all of our "life script" is for us to find belonging, healing, provision and ultimately freedom within Him.  He is our all in all.  However, as the trials and tribulations of life bring pain we often get off course in our search for these things; only to find a distance with Him ourselves and others.  We believe The Scripted Journey is the tool that God gave Suzette to help people untangle the past and reformulate "Your Worth" according to what God originally intended for divine order and fulfillment.

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Christian couples are suffering from divorce at the same rate as the world.  The family is the foundation of the church and thus, society.  Without the full understanding of the value of the family, according to God, there is compromised health in both entities.  As trials and tribulations create marital strife and anxiety, typical self-help measures, spiritual direction, and psychological treatment strategies only assist couples in limited areas.  Therapists have addressed valuable key points in healing the individuals and their marriage.  In the same, the church has diligently contributed solutions in providing pre-marital and marital counseling.  However, these forms of traditional marriage therapy have demonstrated a deficit in addressing the totality of the individual under the order and divine purpose of God in regards to the marriage.  

Couples need rehabilitation from the inside out. 

The scripted journey takes the individual from the beginning of their life script to the present, and identifies the pitfalls placed by the enemy, to inflict bruises and wounds that hinder healthy behaviors and weaken intimate relationships.  As these entanglements are discovered, they are replaced with awareness, proper alignment and empowering freedom, setting the individual and relationships on a course to experience the original script God prepared for each person’s divinely inspired destiny.

As God revealed Suzette's scripted journey, He gave her a vision to save the family by providing an outreach ministry for the family.  The years of trials and tribulations in her own life equipped her with the understanding that spirituality and family responsibility of the father and the mother affects the lives of the children for generations.  Because the Spirit of God is the giver of life, we cannot properly walkout God’s original scripted journey without Him.  As a Christian marriage counselor, through many years of dedicated prayer and experience, God has shown Suzette how to assist couples with clinical tools combined with spiritual values that are essential for long-term healing and freedom. In Suzette’s private marriage counseling practice, Couples Care Center, LLC, she has implemented practical tools and simple pathways that have yielded positive results in addressing spiritual separation and marital difficulty.  The scripted journey reveals the need for God’s presence for true unity within the marriage. In utilizing the tools and activation exercises, we bring people from their wounded past back to the spiritual foundation necessary for healthy daily practical living. 

In our goal to transform the church families, we are extending the program to church leadership teams with sponsorship programs.  The program is designed in such a structure that leaders are not required to be counselors but rather will be trained as trainers/facilitators/sponsors as we provide systematic resources.

Just as Jesus fulfilled His purpose, written by God through His scripted journey, God has also written an original script for each of His children to fulfill His intended destiny for their lives.

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